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Chelsea, Justin & "Harlow"

We have been working with Caryn at TCCE for a year from when we first brought Harlow, our 2-month-old puppy home to now, when he is a full-fledged adolescent!

We've done everything from the basic puppy program to her webinars and the Cranky Canine program, as we work on Harlow's leash reactivity.

I cannot say enough good things about Caryn and her team. She is honest, super smart, funny, and compassionate. She gives us the confidence we need as first-time dog owners to navigate the ups and downs of having a dog.

I would highly recommend Caryn and her team for anyone looking for some training guidance. We 💜 Caryn and The Centre for Canine Education!

Susan & "Neil"

We were nervous new puppy guardians wanting to do the right things to take care of our Bedlington Terrier and teach him to be a happy member of our family.

Enter Caryn and The Centre for Canine Education. We were referred to her by a friend/dog walker and also our Vet at Blue Cross Animal Hospital. We loved the website and all the info available. And the online support was very valuable. We felt truly supported in a style that was gentle and loving as opposed to "dominating"...hate that.

The Centre for Canine Education was a great help for our family. We had questions and got answers from a trusted and reliable source. Thanks for all the support, Caryn. We are happy to be members.

Karen & "Chichi" & "Poppy"

I have taken two puppies to TCCE - they were very different and both got what they needed to get a good start in life.

It is rare to find trainers who have such respect for a dog that they take the time and apply their expertise to see what particular dogs need to do to express themselves and build their relationships.

I have also gotten very realistic and useful help in dealing with a troubled dog and I am very grateful for the compassion and care we received. I really recommend TCCE.

Dahlia & "Finnegan"

We signed Finnegan up for socialisation classes at TCCE and then the pandemic hit so we didn't get to attend a single in-person (or in-dog, I should say) class.

But all was not lost.

Caryn has assembled the most AMAZING online resources that address everything we need and more. We don't often get to attend classes or Q&As live because of scheduling craziness but we watch them later.

I have so many examples of how Caryn has helped us (without even knowing it) but here is one: "happy-talk." We live right downtown and happy-talked our little guy past garbage trucks, motorcycles, construction sites, fire engines, ambulances and all kinds of other mayhem. He is a confident little "big city dog" now.

Caryn knows dogs but she also knows people. That's her magic.

Stephanie & "Banjo"

For anyone considering TCCE, it's AWESOME!

Any issue that comes up, the how-to's and protocols are right there. No waiting until an in-person class happens to teach it.

The information is incredibly detailed - there are videos and written instructions.

And Caryn is so responsive and helpful with all your questions. Highly, highly recommend!

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